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I am an entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and photograph, specialised in the fields of cooking and traveling. I started my blog Papilles et Pupilles in 2005 from Bordeaux. Since then, it has gained popularity and quickly become a leader among French food blogs. Filled with easy, delicious, inspiring, and entertaining recipes, it aims at answering the everyday question: what’s for dinner? My recipes use seasonal products, and I always pay close attention to the products I consume.

My blog also includes a traveling section (inspirational and informative), a wines and wine-tourism section (made less complicated), as well as a documentary section (educative yet entertaining) where I share my own experiences and memorable encounters. I aim for my writing to evoke emotions, tell stories, and always include a fun anecdote to make people laugh.

Blogger since before it was a recognised occupation, I am creative, proactive, professional, curious, and easily adaptive, as well as a digital communication expert. I have mastered Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and have an active social media presence. This expertise translates into the content I create.

There are different ways for us to collaborate, as long as your product, service, destination… fits Papilles et Pupilles’ editorial line and ethics.

Do not hesitate to contact me at anne@papillesetpupilles.fr. On demand, I can provide you with a media kit.

Papilles et Pupilles in figures (social networks):

By clicking here, you can access my press review.

What I will not do: I do not do link or article exchanges, I do not sell sponsored links, and I do not publish content that I have not written myself. I am not looking for affiliate links, logos, banners, partnerships, or product tests (if the partnership consists of you sending me a package or gifting a meal in exchange for an article). I do not take part in recipes contests (except under exceptional circumstances), I do not organise competitions on my blog or social media (I may provide a price estimate on demand), and I do not work in exchange for products or visibility.

See you soon!

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  • Barbara a écrit le 4 novembre 2021

    impressionnant (toi ! succès mérité j’espère que tu auras plein de retour bravo !)

    j’ai lu la version française sorry !

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Photo - Anne Lataillade
Anne Lataillade
Auteure enthousiaste
de Papilles et Pupilles

Je m'appelle Anne, je vis à Bordeaux et je suis depuis 2005 celle qui partage sur ce blog recettes, coups de cœurs, voyages et reportages. En savoir plus

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Photo - Anne Lataillade

Anne Lataillade

auteure enthousiaste et passionnée
de Papilles et Pupilles

Je m'appelle Anne, je vis à Bordeaux et je suis depuis 2005 celle qui partage sur ce blog recettes, coups de cœurs, voyages et reportages. Cliquez ici si vous voulez en savoir plus sur moi.

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