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Anne Lataillade

Anne Lataillade


Anne Lataillade is French, she lives in Bordeaux, France, is married and is the mother of 2 wonderful children.

Becoming a food and travel blogger wasn’t something Anne had planned. It’s through her children’s food allergies that this business school graduate started to look into the family’s meals and realized the importance of eating well.

In 2005, she created « Papilles et Pupilles » but never imagined this would be the beginning of a new professional adventure. Since then, she passionately creates recipes, takes pictures, writes about cuisine, and travels the world to discover new foods. You can find some other informations in this article in Le Monde newspaper an another one in Le Figaro newspaper.

Today, Papilles et Pupilles is the 9th French food website (and 1st blog), in terms of audience (Mediametrie study, september 2020).

On the menu:

  • Easy and yummy recipes that solve the eternal problem: what’s for diner tonight?
  • Information and reports about products, chefs, farmers, producers, restaurants, etc.
  • Culinary travels in France and abroad: local specialities, recipes of the world, foodies’s favorite spots, experience sharing, tips.

Papilles et Pupilles in figures:

On the blog :

  •  More than 210 000 unique visitors each day => + de 6.3 millions unique visitors each month (Google Analytics – monthly average 2021)

The blog is supported by social networks

Strong community involvement.

In 2008, Papilles et Pupilles was awarded Best Food Blog of the year by French magazine ELLE and in 2017, Best Food Blog by French webzine www.trip85.com.

Brand Work – some examples

=> Food:

  • Barilla: Recipes developpement, shooting, editing, content sharing …
  • Kitchenaid: Creation of content for the famous brand
  • Nespresso: Participation to different events (Festival de Cannes, Sirha, ..) and brand content
  • St-Sever: Recipes developpement, shooting, content sharing, publishing

=> Travel:

  • Air France: Travels with Michelin starred French chefs who create menus for Business Classes.
  • Singapore: Promotion of Singapore as a food and travel destination
  • Australia: – Participation to « Restaurant of Australia » and « Invite the world to diner » events. Promotion of Australia as a food and travel destination.
  • Peru: Promotion of the Peruvian Gastronomy – food and travel
  • Asturies (Spain) : Promotion of Asturias (Spain) as a food and travel destination.

She is also the author of 7 books :


She is also food radio journalist :

Anne - France Bleu ©Tommy Delacuvellerie

Anne – France Bleu ©Tommy Delacuvellerie

2 broadcasts :

Press review (in french)

If you are interested in her work, please contact her at anne@papillesetpupilles.fr

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Photo - Anne Lataillade
Anne Lataillade
Auteure enthousiaste
de Papilles et Pupilles

Je m'appelle Anne, je vis à Bordeaux et je suis depuis 2005 celle qui partage sur ce blog recettes, coups de cœurs, voyages et reportages. En savoir plus

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Photo - Anne Lataillade

Anne Lataillade

auteure enthousiaste et passionnée
de Papilles et Pupilles

Je m'appelle Anne, je vis à Bordeaux et je suis depuis 2005 celle qui partage sur ce blog recettes, coups de cœurs, voyages et reportages. Cliquez ici si vous voulez en savoir plus sur moi.

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